The mission of the Horry CAST coalition is to address public health issues including substance abuse, through promotion, coordination and support of new and existing programs, with a primary focus on reducing youth substance use.


The vision of Horry CAST Coalition is that Horry County will be a safe and healthy environment for individuals and families to live, work, and play.


The Horry County CAST coalition was created in 2010 under the CAST Grant which focused on the reduction of underage drinking and DUIs in Horry County. Once the CAST grant ended in 2014, the coalition sustained itself and continued to work towards a healthier community as it related to alcohol use. The coalition later applied for the Drug-Free Communities Grant and was awarded in 2015. With this grant as our current funding source, CAST addresses underage drinking and marijuana use. CAST also addresses prescription drug use in Horry County through the Empowering Communities for Healthy Outcomes (ECHO) and Partnership for Success (PFS) grants.

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